Been a nice couple days just keeping to myself.
I love the contrast of doing the most and then hiding in my room and recharging.

I finally made real progress on my side project ­čÖé
I have a real website that I set up completely, back-end to front.
It pulls real weather to tell you the 5 day forecast.

Keyword here: real

It uses all the lastest technologies fads so my future interviewers can stfu about me not being with the times okkkuRRRR.




Outta control

This week deadass felt like a fucking weekend.

I got invited to a concert the day before, which I don’t get how is possible. I thought a big name like Sam Smith would be sold out for sure but I wrong. He ain’t too popping nowadays I guess. It was still 90% filled in there though, crowd was massive. I’ve never been to such a big show in my life.

I’m going to be deaf by 30.
He put on a great show btw, he said he didn’t want people to leave sad cause he music is depressing but it didn’t work.

My heart was feeling it.

Afterwards I’m like whew boi alright I’m pooped, I didn’t get to nap today, and I went straight from work to the concert. But her friends were calling and she was like fuck it, we going anyway, you’ll have fun– trust.

To be fair, she was right. I’ve never been so lit in an karaoke room, we had a constant stream of drinks and snacks coming in the whole fucking night.

It was this girls birthday that I didn’t know but uh, she was such a sweetheart. Just met me but had nothing but love. She said everybody is like this in Canada lol. So soft.


Next day I get dinner with my homegirl who moved here from Korea(love her!) & then go straight out to the bars where the same squad is there just fucking tossing that money again and getting everyone straight hammered.

I can’t count the amount of times where I said “nah, I’m good” and they turned around and ordered me another drink.

I officially have sugar mamas, the bill over those 2 days definitely hit 1k as a group and I didn’t spend a dime.

I think my wifey caught wind of me moving even though I haven’t brought it up to her yet. I was thinking that’s not possible but remember now that I did tell her best friend’s sister’s friend. So it could of jumped three times.

We were drunk as hell and we weren’t anywhere near the topic and all she said was
“It’s okay if you go away, just don’t forget about me.”


I hate it but the truth is I’ve honestly felt so relieved since she said that.
Def was going to be the hardest person to break it to.



It’s Thursday night right now and it really does feel like sunday night.

I gotta pull myself back into my normal routine man.
I am really good at snowballing off events, I keep saying this line above and then at the same time I’m already thinking about what plans I can stuff into this weekend.

I hate myself.

I don’t know if this week of turnup was deserved

but it happened

and felt amazing.

Uhhhhh I hate bugs.
Place is so damn clean and still bugs, urggg v annoying.

lazy sunday.

I went to a new club this weekend.
It was pretty different. It’s one square room with bars lining the side.
But the kicker is the room is full of VIP tables.

So like…if you ain’t popping bottles in there…you ain’t getting no hoes.

The whole place was made just for flexing.

I sat on the lip edge on top of one of the couches and security pushed me off LOL.

We went in there at midnight and it was pretty empty, but the real weird thing was I was the only guy.

We asked the bartender wtf and she explained how everyone comes over here around 1:30 after turning up at the club next door.

So then like it gets late and you start seeing huge squads of homies coming in to their tables and the ladies that were alone earlier just flocking to em;

and Im just left there like damn.
poor bois.
Overall the night was pretty fun though.

The ladies in that place were gorgeous and out of my league.
Thankfully I can dance so I still managed to make it work for a bit.

Also doesn’t help that it’s an older crowd there and I look like a child.

I got pulled into this (beautiful)line of ladies swag surfing, THROWBACK TO 2008 lmfao
I know the dance because I remember watching videos of it back in the day.
But I’ve never done it to the song.

Most tiring thing ever, omfg.

Also it’s funny because the DJ will talk on the mic there. At one point 3 or 4 people near me were doing the electric slide and he came on and said ” Oh hell nah, too many grown men out here doing the electric slide, Im changing the track”

The bartender was so dope, since we were there early as hell she remembered our faces. and even if she busy and I was far down the line, she’d point at me and get me my drink first.

But I don’t want to run into another hot amazing bartender please.
R.I.P wallet

My friends died which shouldn’t be the case at this age anymore but I’m unfortunately┬á far too used to having to drag bodies back home.

Happy birthday

It’s funny, I remember getting back to their place and saying,
“yeah I brought other clothes to sleep in”

then I remember getting tackled and thinking
“tht hurt, oh yeah I gotta get up and change my clothes”

and then I woke up with homegurl sleeping on me
and was like awwwwwww
…..but mostly was very dissapointed because I didnt even manage to change into my comfy clothes lol

I literally cannot remember the last time I slept at somebody elses place.
I always bring clothes but drunk me never cares.
Somebody give me some fucking points for not driving myself home drunk.

Progress drunk me, progress.

I did sooooo much learning this weekend.
It’s usually so hard for me to get work done on the weekend.

Feeling a lot more confident in myself which will hopefully show in the next interview?

I’m not going to quit, not now, not everrrrr.

I know I suck at it and it’ll take a lot more failures but that’s just fine.



I started working out last week and went too hard on the first day back because I’m a cocky fool. Or because I stretched it too much afterwards doing some weird hanging pull up things, idk. WHATEVER

The point is, my bicep has been fucked and I finally got range of motion back this week so I don’t have to hold my arm in an imaginary sling anymore, weeeee.

Play stupid games, win stupid prizes.

This injury is on me, but it’s healing way faster than I estimated compared to when I pulled my fucking hamstring.

Still can’t put any kind of weight on it yet, but I’m excited for whenever I can return to the gym….

Productivity max

MMMMmmm, blogging at 6pm. Quite early.
Uhhhh, too lazy to start studying today.
But I’m probably going to start….eventually

I woke up at noon…and went back to sleep at 2:30.

Oooohhhh, this is I why I write. Gets my mind thinking. I just realized I need get back into a good manga. That’s the difference between this week and last. I don’t have any good medium to dive into when I’m not ready to begin the grind. So I Just fall asleep.

I see in my last post a week or two ago I prayed that I learned to be more productive and I guess that worked.

This last week has been the most successful week ever.
Little pat on the back to myself for that.
Good job scrub.

I finally cleaned my carrr and got my new tires
(they fucked up and I ended up having to go 3 times total….N I C E )
I somehow worked on practice problems every single day for at least 2 hours even tho I was only aiming for 3 days out of 5. Lets go habit, get ingrained you bitch.
I started coding my own random projects again just to prevent rustiness.
I started learning some of the popular new frameworks…starting is the only hard part here, so godbless getting over that hurdle.
Also found time to spend a whole afternoon w/ my fucking favorite person who I’ve somehow accidentally avoided for a good 5 months. damn.

That’s good stuff.
I still got some other things I want to jump on to.
But for now I’m very very satisfied with how I’m doing.

Still feeling on top of the world btw. I don’t get why I feel still feel so “powerful” in my head but whatever, if this is going to be my new mindset; so be it.

Thought it was a phase.
But I fk with it.

Deadpool2 was a stupid movie all together; yet I am ashamed that I enjoyed the hell outta whatever the fuck that was.

My favorite co-worker got fired last Friday which is pretty crazy man. I’m not hosting no more lunch outings without him man…fuck everyone else tbh. Damn.

Shoulda just warned him man….such a good guy, urghhhh shitty fucking company.

Anyway, thank god I already got my head a good way into the job search. Everyone here thought we were fucking safe because this place was chill as shit about everything. Sucks he had to draw the short straw to learn this ain’t a game.

I got a phone interview I’m looking forward to(gasp) next week because it checks off a good portion of what I’m looking for.

Further inside the city,┬á better benefits, decent pay bump along with sounding like a not-Amazon-like company that won’t expect me to work 80hours a week(I hope).

Trying to continue on my trend of maximizing gains without real work here…..

Tried a new club this weekend. It ranks very lower.
Too hot,
Lightning is off, either you see everything and its awk, or you are deadass in the dark.
&&& 88% white. I’ve never seen goth people in a club before.

Not my scene. I was shocked at the mass amount of people in there though. Thought this random spot would be dead. Nah. Packed to the fckn brim.

I had no plans this weekend leaving work Friday @ 5pm.
Amen to all the beautiful friends I’ve made in the past.
I didn’t feel like staying in for the weekend and managed to make 5 plans, 2 of them fell through but that’s fine for such b.s last minute planning.

Living my life and loving it.

I don’t expect next week to get even close this level of success.
But I can try.

I’m thinking on it, and I’ve done nothing but have fun and be happy and lazy.
Idk why I try to trick myself into being productive by removing fun when I know damn well I’ll just find another medium.

Removed videogames/dancing/frisbee —->
added youtube/anime/SLEEPING

If I really wanna get ish done, I gotta start being productive on my own good will.
Not just because I ran out of fun things to do anyway.

IDK how that used to work so well.

There is no end to fun things if you just take a look tbh.

It’s nice that I’m happy as hell but lmfao…
I’m going to be so fucked when this lease ends at this rate.

haha….. please wake up Chris I beggeth of you.

Y’all I was at a concert this weekend.
And girl I was a dorm neighbor with like 4 years ago was an opener for the show.

We never actually had a real conversation in our life, we just still say hi when we run into each other at the bars we both frequent.

BIH don’t even follow me on insta.

But she has successfully melted my heart until this month is over when she held eye-contact with me in that crowd and smiled and waved right in the middle of her damn song.

I couldn’t even believe it, my hand barely went up to waveback, she probably couldn’t even see it.

……..she’s far too perfect

alright swooning over (my poor weak weak heart)

I’m going to get back into doing something active.
And going to learn to get into being REAL productive

Somebody tell me why I feel on top of the world despite no real good news rn.

OHH & I just bought headphones fucking finally.
Hype for wednesday


Why most these companies sound so passionate about such stupid things.
Is that recruiter not dying inside?
How does he keep it up day in and day out?

Why can’t we talk about mundane things exactly how they are, MUNDANELY.

I believe my fate is sealed.
I was rolling my eyes over and over as he went on and on talking about the company.
I can’t keep the poker face up. You can hear it in my voice.
I sound so fucking bored.

Why must we play these games in order to work @ new places.

You know what I’ll do instead.
I’ll make my own game and immediately get hired by square enix like that homeboy from china.

That’s it.

For real though, the chance of me getting up from this cushy job narrows every single day.

Hopefully my next phone interview is a lot shorter.

10-20 I can do.

30-45 fucking kill me. Just shoot me. I can’t even talk to my friend for that long.

Thankfully I already have the best job ever so even though I’m taking a huge L, it’s like the best L.

It’s so funny, anytime somebody suggests I do ANY kind of task at a meeting, a higher up steps in and says, ” Isn’t Chris busy with XXX big project? I’ll do it”

So I literally do nothinggggggg else but this 1 project which is big, but it isn’t like omg work overtime big.

I still read my 3 hours of manga a day LmFAO.

What is life

Fuck Interviewwsssssss

Moms made the usual family dinner for mothers days and boi am I still fuckn EATING.
So good.

They also made me feels bad about the house being so dead when I’m not there :((


I went to shaky this weekend no comment there tbh, everything you hear about festivals is 100% true. I thought it was all hype, cool to see it’s real. Might go off dem drugs n go back to one.


I came here because it’s the first time I’ve been out to an event by myself in a longgg timeee.
Solo outings are nice n peaceful. I went to see Kimbra and I mean, everything about the music and performance was 10/10.
I unfortunately am not too big of a fan of her new stuff. They were so pop, lol.
But when she did her sad songs, UFFFF. Tears man.

After wasting 5 minutes telling myself I would be the biggest bitch Atlanta has ever seen if I don’t talk to this pretty girl who is right in front of me and obviously bored out of her mind waiting for the show to begin; I finally “cold approached” her.

And by approached I mean I didn’t even have to take a step.
I just raised ma hand and tappd her shoulda.

Smalltalk blah blah blah blah blah whatever.
I still give myself points for talking to strangers is all, so I am here to record my points.


I got a compliment on my glasses from a really cute dweeb but of course I only get compliments from cute girls with big ol’ boyfriends in tow.

Final Comment

I remember not giving a rat’s ass about Guardians of the Galaxy 1.
Then I watched the 2nd one a few days ago just because whatever.

Why the fuck was I fucking having a sniffle fit with water in my eyes over characters I don’t even know being sad about other characters I don’t give a damn about.

Like when his team comes back for the dead guy at the end..jesus fckn christ

Who hurt me

I don’t think I could hold it back if I watched that shit again, I don’t get it.
Even thinkn about it gets ma eyes watery